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Spice Frontier: The Series

Spice Frontier Poster Low Res

Spice Frontier: The Series

Spice Frontier is an 8-minute animated short film from Steamroller Studios. It tells the story of Kent Williams and his cyborg companion, C-LA, as they traverse the cosmos in search of rare Earth spices.

The film is currently showing at multiple film festivals, where it has already received several awards and selections. However, the short film is merely an introduction to the much larger world of Spice Frontier. A veritable universe of lore, planets, politics, history, and characters is currently being developed.

It is Steamroller Studios’s goal to expand Spice Frontier into a full-fledged animated TV series.

Series Synopsis

Series Synopsis

Spice Frontier takes place centuries after Earth’s annihilation by an alien species called the Krivins. It is the story of a chef named Kent Williams, who dreams of finding the lost spices of his Human ancestors so he can share the joy of Earth’s forgotten recipes with the universe.

Before the arrival of the Krivins brought about the destruction of Earth, a great interplanetary migration took place. Many of the migrating colonies brought with them their cultures’ most cherished spices. Following years of research, Kent has mapped out the likely location of these lost Human communities who have spread to all corners of the universe.

Onboard their ship the Serrano, Kent is joined by Eloy, a Faarian mechanic who designed and built the vessel. Their highly-skilled pilot is C-LA, a super-advanced, virtually indestructible cyborg assassin. Ada, a young botanist with a secret family history, assists Kent in tracking down and identifying plant species. Two former adversaries also call the Serrano home: an infamous hacker and technical genius named Modari, and a deadly mechanoid called Nexus.

Kent and his crew traverse the cosmos looking for rare Earth spices, but that is only the beginning of their adventures. They will come to know the diversity of the universe and its 39 known alien species, experience the wonder and danger of its myriad fantastical worlds and creatures, and face the threat to their lives as they learn that they are being hunted by a ghost from C-LA’s past.

Meet The Gang

Meet The Gang

Kent is an aspiring chef traversing the cosmos seeking out rare Earth ingredients wherever they may be found. Leaving his home at the age of sixteen to carve his own path in life, it wasn’t long before he found himself leading a disparate band of adventurers aboard a spaceship named the Serrano. As a Human—one of three demonized species who make up the Orion TriCorp, a rebel faction who broke off from the United Galactic Coalition after the Krivin War—Kent has experienced prejudice his entire life. His undying passion for Earth recipes makes him believe that through the sharing of food alone he can begin to restore the good name of Humankind in the eyes of the rest of the universe.

C-LA is one of twelve cybernetic soldiers created in a collaborative effort between Humans and three alien species known as “Project Hermes”. Originally designed to withstand interstellar travel through even the harshest environments in the universe, her body is covered with an exoskeleton made of a rare, malleable, virtually indestructible metal called Carbose. As a cyborg capable of instantaneous access to nearly unlimited amounts of information, she is always one step ahead of everyone else. Equipped with a Meatril brain—a species renowned for their unparalleled proficiency in spaceflight—C-LA has taken on the role of the Serrano’s skillful, intrepid pilot.

A retired mechanic and veteran of the TriCorp military, Eloy now operates a junkyard on the Human planet of Libertoria. Having lived on Earth before it was destroyed in the Krivin War, Eloy is the closest living connection Kent has to his Human ancestry, and the only one among the Serrano crew who has tasted genuine Earth food. At age 467, the old Faarian is a guiding presence in Kent’s life and the two share a close friendship.

Known to most as Ziberon Trag the Hacker, Modari is one of the brightest minds in the universe, an accolade Modari wishes everyone would stop mentioning. In an act of bravado, she once hacked the defense system of the Kalionians—whose military might is unrivaled—disabling it for an entire day. It’s a well-known fact that Ziberon Trag works for anyone that can outsmart her; after Kent and his crew did just that, she felt she had no choice but to join them aboard the Serrano. While they have to put up with her dry sense of humor and practical jokes, her networking skills, technical prowess, and ability to repair any and all electronics makes her an invaluable member of the team.

Daughter of one of the highest-ranking generals of the Kalionian fleet, with brothers in both the UGC and TriCorp ranks, Ada was destined for a life of military prowess and privilege. Instead she chose to study botany. While traveling aboard the Serrano, Ada carries out fieldwork, gathering data for her dissertation on plant species that have been brought to foreign worlds via interplanetary migration. A pure carnivore, she won’t consume so much as a pepper flake if she can help it. Ada is the youngest member of Kent’s crew, so the others are protective of her to a fault. With delusions of grandeur regarding the limits of her own strength, the feisty Kalionian is always ready and willing to jump into a fight. Her heart tells her she must look out for the others, but in reality it is they who look out for her. Wishing to deter any undue reverence towards her based solely on lineage, she keeps her familial ties a closely guarded secret.

Once a prized possession of a Faarian nobleman, Nexus now serves as a bodyguard for Kent and his crew. With tank-like armor and an arsenal of deadly firearms, the eight-foot-tall mechanoid is always the first one thrown into the fray. He was designed to bear the brunt of even the most vicious assaults and is constantly in need of replacement parts. As the Serrano crew explore the galaxy, they are always finding new tech with which to restore and upgrade Nexus. His imposing stature and capacity for violence makes Kent uneasy, but in the thick of battle he and the crew are grateful to have him on their side.


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